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House Rep. Tim Scott (R)

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Tim Scott (R) @votetimscott

RT @Benefitfocus: Our CEO @shawn_a_jenkins with Gov @nikkihaley, Mayor Riley & Mason Holland in the new Design + Engineering building http://t.co/No4eOJMt

Tim Scott (R) @SenatorTimScott

Great constituent meeting session this afternoon in the Charleston office, looking forward to next month's open meetings in Myrtle Beach!...

Tim Scott (R) @SenatorTimScott

Our Congressional Art Competition is open to all #SC01 high school students.Your art could hang in the US Capitol! #SC01...

Tim Scott (R) @SenatorTimScott

Sitting at #SOTU,was clear we have common ground. Its up 2 the President if he wants 2 just talk about it or meet on it http://t.co/HhNpQg8v

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