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House Rep. John Lewis (D)

John Lewis (D) @repjohnlewis

In the hot Georgia sun with Coretta, Hosea, and Julian, trying to get people to register and vote. #tbt http://t.co/HBRHgGo9r4

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John Lewis (D) @repjohnlewis

@kateleth @thatrobin wish you could have cat-sit our little dude this weekend! he was lonely

John Lewis (D) @repjohnlewis

RT @repsandylevin: @NancyWonderful Thank you! RT@repsandylevin @repjohnlewis You are a real AMERICAN HERO... of our time.. Rep Levin... TY

John Lewis (D) @repjohnlewis

It was good to hear from you. Thank you for speaking up and speaking out. I will be signing on to HR 2539 @GreenPaperGal @pesticideaction

John Lewis (D) @repjohnlewis

Help support and save @PeopleTV_ATL and Atlanta Community TV Tues Nov 22 @10:30AM in the Old City Council Chambers http://t.co/OXZskXtP

John Lewis (D) @repjohnlewis

Adoption is very important because all children, all people need to know they are loved. @natadoptionday

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