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House Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D)

Lloyd Doggett (D) @RepLloydDoggett

Visted w @foxaustin today re #SOTU & discussed fair pay for women, raising #minwage & passing #immigration reform http://t.co/vQlxysyoP4

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Lloyd Doggett (D) @RepLloydDoggett

Good to hear Senate working on budget. Uncertainty remains over protecting U.S. full faith & credit when debt ceiling must be raised in Feb

Lloyd Doggett (D) @RepLloydDoggett

This is no “Pro-growth Budgeting Act." This is “Mandate VooDoo Economics Act" that tries to show impossible is reality #p2...

Lloyd Doggett (D) @RepLloydDoggett

RT @sarachicad: for the first time in 9 years there are no americans fighting in iraq #sotu

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