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House Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R)

Jason Chaffetz (R) @jasoninthehouse

At Base Camp…short update /2002 Update on Greg Paul's bid to summit Mount Everest! Congrats!!!

Jason Chaffetz (R) @jasoninthehouse

Bipartisan Report on Secret Service Reveals an Agency in Crisis - House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform https://t.co/LQY997fOkw

Jason Chaffetz (R) @jasoninthehouse

Good bless them. So sad. 2 US ski team prospects die in avalanche in Austria http://t.co/KhOhJbUJhV via @FoxNews

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Jason Chaffetz (R) @jasoninthehouse

http://t.co/uP5Nm6Hx Good article about how we defeated SOPA/PIPA #sopa #pipa

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