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Sen. Richard Burr (R)

Richard Burr (R) @Burrforsenate

Today is the last day to early vote. Find your polling location here: https://t.co/BGcy2ir1Ho #ncsen #ncpol https://t.co/ZtDsXm3yBw

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Richard Burr (R) @SenatorBurr

Directors of @FBI @CIA @NSA and others testify in my Senate Intel Cmte at 2:30 today on worldwide threats WATCH LIVE https://t.co/f17URuHu0M

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Richard Burr (R) @SenatorBurr

TUNE IN: Looking forward to joining @LarryKudlow on CNBC’s @TheKudlowReport tonight #tcot

Richard Burr (R) @SenatorBurr

TUNE IN: I will be on air with @JerriJameson on @newsradio570 at 8:20am this morning. To listen: wwnc.com/main.html

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