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Gov. Challenger Bob Beauprez (R)

Bob Beauprez (R) @bobbeauprez

"planned to buy a gun, scratch off its serial number and kill as many people as he couldhttp://ow.ly/Clmya

Bob Beauprez (R) @bobbeauprez

RT @janus303: @bobbeauprez Clements was in charge of your "hug a thug" program. You are a ghoul who doesn't deserve public office. @710KNUS #copolitics

Bob Beauprez (R) @bobbeauprez

RT @CRobertBuchanan: That should win you 47% of the vote. MT @bobbeauprez: "Bob is committed to the future.” -todays endorsement by Gov Romney #COpolitics #COGov

Bob Beauprez (R) @bobbeauprez

RT @AlanSalazarCO: @bobbeauprez : Yes but that critter looks like he/she would rather be in San Diego. :-)

Bob Beauprez (R) @bobbeauprez

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION "We have to secure our boarder. We have to enforce current laws. We have to reform 'anchor baby' amendment" #copolitics

Bob Beauprez (R) @bobbeauprez

RT @Theresa7News: TONIGHT: 2 DA's @GeorgeBrauchler @DA1Colorado talking about internet child sex predators- is probation enough? #7News at 10

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