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House Rep. George Miller (D)

Rep.George Miller (D) @askgeorge

#SNAP kept more than 2 million kids out of poverty in 2011. Instead of working to #EndHungerNow, House R's voted to cut nearly $40 billion.

Rep.George Miller (D) @askgeorge

Nearly 4 million seniors enrolled making an average income of under $10k rely on #SNAP. House R's just voted to cut $40 billion from program

Rep.George Miller (D) @askgeorge

2. Looking forward to construction jobs in Richmond to build newly announced #LBNL second research campus.

Rep.George Miller (D) @askgeorge

w/ Engineering Acdmy @ Helms School - 1 student asked about #socialsecurity- glad they're plugged into important issues!...

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