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Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D)

Barbara Mikulski (D) @SenatorBarb

Welcome home @NASA @StationCDRKelly after #YearinSpace! @ISS research keeps us healthy on journey to Mars & here on Earth!

Barbara Mikulski (D) @SenatorBarb

So pleased to meet w @SpecialOlympicsMD student athletes Adam, Candace & Rosa to listen to their inspiring stories! https://t.co/fTV0rDarMc

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Barbara Mikulski (D) @SenatorBarb

RT @mitchellreports: .@SenatorBarb on the need to reduce the rape kit backlog: 'Rape kills the spirit. We have to take it seriously.' -#AMR staff

Barbara Mikulski (D) @SenatorBarb

How does wage gap affect you & your family? What cld u do with $10K each yr? Time 2 stand & fight for #EqualPayr! RT http://t.co/yYdjIjrr

Barbara Mikulski (D) @SenatorBarb

As Dean of Senate Woman, happy Elizabeth MacDonough will b 1st woman Sen parliamentarian – brings decade of experience 2 keep Senate working

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