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Sen. John Hoeven (R)

Senator John Hoeven (R) @SenJohnHoeven

Thinking of @NDNationalGuard's 219th SFS & Det. 42 today as ceremonies held in #Minot & #Bismarck to honor their service to state & country

Senator John Hoeven (R) @SenJohnHoeven

Read @WDAZTV article about our ongoing work to pass a strong, long-term #FarmBill http://t.co/GZttxk4vcK

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Senator John Hoeven (R) @SenJohnHoeven

Our amendment created the national test sites and now GF has been chosen. As Gov, now as Sen, I worked to make GF a hub for UAS Contrats!

Senator John Hoeven (R) @SenJohnHoeven

@KariWBlock Thanks for stopping by the office today. It was a pleasure to meet you.

Senator John Hoeven (R) @SenJohnHoeven

Tune in tomorrow AM. I'm giving weekly GOP radio address, talking abt pending sequester, job growth, & need to address debt & deficit.

Senator John Hoeven (R) @SenJohnHoeven

Fed approval of @GREnergyNews Dakota Spirit AgEnergy permit takes our nation one step closer to energy security; advances technology, R&D

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