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House Rep. Ruben Gallego (D)

Ruben Gallego (D) @RubenGallego

RT @fanfickin: "Today opportunity is limtd by what u look like, where u live, and who u love- that is completely unacceptable" @RubenGallego #MoralMinyan16

Ruben Gallego (D) @RubenGallego

RT @RepRubenGallego: Thanks to Andrea Katsenes & Willo neighbors for having me for coffee & conversation today. #AZ07 https://t.co/RGvSy01YmY

Ruben Gallego (D) @RubenGallego

Draws new districts for himself messes up when the sketch shakes

Ruben Gallego (D) @RubenGallego

HOUSE Democrats have joined some GOP to

Ruben Gallego (D) @RubenGallego

@RebekahLSanders @ralonzo @MaryRoseWilcox I dunno, that's literally almost double COH. I wouldn't call that spin. That's math. #az07

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