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Pres. Challenger Rick Santorum (R)

Rick Santorum (R) @RickSantorum

Apologies for broken link on last tweet. Click here for my Obamanomics article at Redstate: http://t.co/KBw9I54m

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Rick Santorum (R) @RickSantorum

I just released a statement on the election results in Egypt. Read it on the @Patriot_Voices website: http://t.co/CwVhWdJL

Rick Santorum (R) @RickSantorum

We're defying odds/stunning the pundits w/decisive wins in TN OK ND & strong OH finish! Keep momentum going. Contribute:...

Rick Santorum (R) @RickSantorum

Just spoke to Tony Raines the driver of the 26 car now known as the @RickSantorum car ruining at Daytona tomorrow.

Rick Santorum (R) @RickSantorum

@CatholicLisa that article is from 9/13, it looks like. I believe reports of her death are accurate.

Rick Santorum (R) @RickSantorum

Love the stories on tebow. What a role model. He, tho remains focused on Christ. We could all learn something from that. #iacaucus #fitn

Rick Santorum (R) @RickSantorum

So Trump Debate is going to be Santorum vs. Gingrich. #winning

Rick Santorum (R) @RickSantorum

Getting ready for the Huckabee GOP Presidential Forum tonight at 8pm ET # santorum #huckforum

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