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House Rep. Steve Southerland (R)

Steve Southerland (R) @SoutherlandFL02

RT @NRCC: Congrats to tonight’s GOP primary winners in Iowa and New Jersey! #iapolitics #njpolitics #IAPol #NJPol http://t.co/JFSmeG7S5n

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Steve Southerland (R) @SoutherlandFL02

We raised a record $509,000 last quarter. That's right over half-a-million! Thanks for all your support in this a fantastic quarter #Sayfie

Steve Southerland (R) @Rep_Southerland

#1000days since the #Senate passed a budget. How can you lead ifyou can't even pass a constitutionally-mandate budget? #WeCantWait

Steve Southerland (R) @Rep_Southerland

Had a wonderful time last night meeting @GovChristie and his wife Mary Jo in Baltimore. He rocked the house! http://t.co/YZHhpLpy #gop #tcot

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