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House Rep. Tim Murphy (R)

Rep. Tim Murphy (R) @RepTimMurphy

#VAScandal demands reform. On w/@TeamCavuto Fox Biz at 2:15PM.

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Rep. Tim Murphy (R) @TimMurphyPA

RT @ACE_Fitzgerald: Ellzabeth Twp, Meade St - flooding in residential basement

Rep. Tim Murphy (R) @RepTimMurphy

Prez gives shout out to #Pittsburgh, but makes no mention of China’s cheating on currency that’s killing our local factories. #GOPSOTU

Rep. Tim Murphy (R) @RepTimMurphy

What's behind @RickSantorum surge? I explained his Blue collar conservatism on @BillHemmer (FoxNews) today. http://t.co/iyG8FMnz

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