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House Rep. Mark Sanford (R)

Mark Sanford (R) @RepSanfordSC

5/5 The last makes it easier for the model aircraft community to provide education and instructional opportunities.

Mark Sanford (R) @RepSanfordSC

4/5 Third one makes sure that drone manufacturers have a seat on the new @ATCupdates board.

Mark Sanford (R) @RepSanfordSC

3/5 The next killed a zero-emissions airport vehicles program, saving taxpayers about $900k a year.

Mark Sanford (R) @RepSanfordSC

2/5 The first would let private pilots use the Internet for flight-sharing to fill open seats on their planes.

Mark Sanford (R) @RepSanfordSC

1/5 Had four amendments adopted in @Transport Committee today.

Mark Sanford (R) @RepSanfordSC

Hosting a neighborhood office hours in front of the Piggly Wiggly in Goose Creek - welcome you to stop by! #SCTweets http://t.co/qFXHO8IQBV

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