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House Rep. Reid Ribble (R)

Reid Ribble (R) @RepRibble

RT @cassmcgowan: @RepRibble I live about a mile or two from this clinic, and my wife was saying a few days ago how weird it was to always see the lot vacant

Reid Ribble (R) @RepRibble

RT @woshnews: Congressman @RepRibble calls for another investigation into the Veterans Administration: http://t.co/EQ0mZ9jCId

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Reid Ribble (R) @RepRibble

The good #deficit numbers we've seen may just be a mirage. http://t.co/o4hM3rE0BI

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Reid Ribble (R) @reidribble

Wall’s “Cuts of the Week” barely nibble around the edges. Approx. $50B in cuts/yr equal only .05% of 4 yrs of $1T deficits #WI08Debate

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