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House Rep. Peter DeFazio (D)

Rep Peter DeFazio (D) @RepPeterDeFazio

Here's my floor speech on keeping people on the terrorist watchlist from legally buying guns: https://t.co/zvqE7ZAQ9c

Rep Peter DeFazio (D) @RepPeterDeFazio

The @Univ_Of_Oregon alum on my staff and I are ready for tonight's #NCAA @OregonMBB game against Duke. #GODUCKS! https://t.co/s7dmDduVuz

Rep Peter DeFazio (D) @RepPeterDeFazio

Visiting not 1 but 2 great state schools. Met w/ @baronews staff @oregonstateuniv today, yesterday was @Univ_Of_Oregon #GoDucks #gobeavs

Rep Peter DeFazio (D) @RepPeterDeFazio

@FrankPallone: Atlantic coast can’t afford enviro & economic costs that offshore drilling has been proven to inflict http://t.co/GA32HevWEw

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