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House Rep. Mo Brooks (R)

Mo Brooks (R) @RepMoBrooks

RT @4gop: GOP @RepMoBrooks is now asking questions of VADM Syring of the Missile Defense Agency. #homeland

Mo Brooks (R) @RepMoBrooks

RT @TheDaleJackson: This is pretty cool: Sam's Club to allow military families to shop without Sam's Club membership buring shutdown.... http://t.co/xcbOWK4J61

Mo Brooks (R) @RepMoBrooks

Today I voted for #13NDAA to protect missile defense technologies and ensure we meet our warfighters needs. http://t.co/sC0a8ZG3

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Mo Brooks (R) @RepMoBrooks

Mobile Office Hours set for February in Jackson and Madison Counties. Stop by with your questions and concerns http://t.co/Z963qeKp

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