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Re-Elect Hank (D) @ReElectHank

Hank addresses the 50th Anniversary of War on Poverty http://t.co/sWB4musclB

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Rep. Hank Johnson (D) @RepHankJohnson

My district is a leader in refugee resettlement. Heroes like @RRISAtlanta #fugeesfamily #RFSAtlanta bring hope to new Americans. #RefugeeDay

Rep. Hank Johnson (D) @RepHankJohnson

The Commander in Chief is schooling his foreign policy critics, who seek to score political pts with loose talk of war.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D) @RepHankJohnson

RT @BarackObama: “As President of the United States, I don’t bluff.” Read more from @BarackObama’s interview on Israel and Iran: http://t.co/VvTqNLCe

Rep. Hank Johnson (D) @RepHankJohnson

I applaud Chm. Smith's decision to suspend #SOPA consideration. Any fut. bill should be be fully reviewed through regular order.

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