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House Rep. David Cicilline (D)

Cicilline Office (D) @RepCicilline

House will vote on final passage of legislation to honor Sister Ann Keefe at 6:30pm.

David N. Cicilline (D) @davidcicilline

Congratulating Cesar Shabbos scholarship winners @CCRINews w/ @SenJackReed & Governor @GinaRaimondo. Congrats to all! http://t.co/idoWpeSkc5

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David N. Cicilline (D) @davidcicilline

Looking to help out during the winter storm. @Serve_RI needs volunteers to help shovel snow. Sign up here: https://t.co/JnqssCyFFu

Cicilline Office (D) @RepCicilline

@tmgianotti Good news is that House of Cards, your darker dose of political drama, is only a few days away... #notvalentinesday

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