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Gov. Rick Perry (R)

Team Rick Perry (R) @TeamRickPerry

RT @keelymarie: Wedding Wine tasting at Becker Vineyards w/ @lovingwingsco & @clintharp & the parentals @ Becker Vineyards http://t.co/uhZCuyiMXU

Team Rick Perry (R) @TeamRickPerry

@BenStratmann is there bourbon in that sippy cup?

Team Rick Perry (R) @TeamRickPerry

RT @edsbs: In my struggle to mentally frame Mizzou on the SEC I have resorted to calling them "Farkansas" because they're basically in Canada.

Team Rick Perry (R) @TeamRickPerry

Watch for @GovernorPerry to be on Fox News this afternoon from Tampa with Neal Cavuto.

Office of Gov Perry (R) @TexGov

RT @catblackfrazier: .@governorperry workin the convention floor, visiting w TX delegates earlier this evening #GOP2012 http://t.co/kVbgdHlh

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PerryTruthTeam (R) @PerryTruthTeam

Santorum a ‘liaison to lobbyists’ in Senate, then made millions as ‘stealth lobbyist’ http://t.co/34Lj0lNa

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