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Sen. Mike Johanns (R)

Senator Mike Johanns (R) @Mike_Johanns

Sen. Johanns tallks to students at Pius X http://t.co/zLhQWjT5

Senator Mike Johanns (R) @Mike_Johanns

I hope the President’s future actions will be more conducive to solving our country's problems than his past policies- http://t.co/jxgEHI7L

Senator Mike Johanns (R) @Mike_Johanns

The President not revisiting #KXL decision tonight was a missed opportunity to create American jobs - http://t.co/jxgEHI7L

Senator Mike Johanns (R) @Mike_Johanns

Sen. Johanns: President Obama Playing Politics Over Keystone Decision -- http://t.co/j6eouoTK

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