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Sen. Challenger Mike McFadden (R)

Mike McFadden (R) @MikeForMN

Thanks @danoxoschner for having me on “Ox in the Afternoon” today to talk about jobs, the economy and my race to defeat Al Franken.

Mike McFadden (R) @MikeForMN

RT @MNCRs: Congrats to @MikeForMN and @seifertmn for winning our straw poll today for US Senate and Governor respectively.

Mike McFadden (R) @MikeForMN

Had an awesome time with Conor, Pat and Molly tonight at O'Gara's. Thank you so much to everyone who came out for the event! #TeamMcFadden

Mike McFadden (R) @MikeForMN

@KatConnolly #merica indeed. Congrats on being named precinct chair.

Mike McFadden (R) @MikeForMN

Remember @alfranken’s promise that “people who are happy with their current plan, wouldn't need to change it”? http://t.co/ugQwuEPZWF

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Mike McFadden (R) @MikeForMN

Good luck to Conor and Pat tonight. Molly, mom and I will be glued to the TV - bring home a win for Stanford!

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