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House Rep. Ted Poe (R)

Ted Poe (R) @JudgeTedPoe

TODAY! My staff will be hosting mobile office hours at the Office of Council Member @BrendaStardig 's office! https://t.co/RsJJhQQX37

Ted Poe (R) @JudgeTedPoe

RT @JoeTalkShow: My interview with Ted Poe? The government's ability to see your email and more.. plus the border and #Election2016 https://t.co/J1lk7YGQXI

Ted Poe (R) @JudgeTedPoe

RT @RepMcCaul: Team McCaul stands with #TeamPoe we know @JudgeTedPoe will win his fight with leukimia! https://t.co/KwKNcfVex9

Ted Poe (R) @JudgeTedPoe

RT @HouseJudiciary: BREAKING: House Judiciary Committee Approves Survivors Bill of Rights Act, Sponsored by @JudgeTedPoe, by vote of 15-6.

Ted Poe (R) @JudgeTedPoe

@OfficialAlamo “To The People of Texas and All Americans in the world”-Col. William Travis https://t.co/wK4DjDhuMs https://t.co/bhOEHFyuZl

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