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House Rep. Gregg Harper (R)

Gregg Harper (R) @GreggHarper

RT @sidsalter: Morning preparations at Davis Wade Stadium. Grab your cowbell. Get on over here! http://t.co/Vecrautckc

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Gregg Harper (R) @GreggHarper

RT @PhilBryantMS: Congratulations, Jasmine Murray -- Miss Mississippi 2014!

Gregg Harper (R) @GreggHarper

@HouseGOP has passed 40 jobs bills that are still sitting on Harry Reid's desk. We need action from the Senate #WhereAreTheJobs

Gregg Harper (R) @GreggHarper

RT @StateofMS: @GreggHarper now that we are on twitter, we hope your followers will begin to follow us. #MagnoliaState

Gregg Harper (R) @GreggHarper

Today marks the 1,000th day since the Dem-controlled Sen. has passed a federal budget. The House has accepted it's responsibility to govern.

Gregg Harper (R) @GreggHarper

Proud to sign a brief to the Supreme Court supporting a decision that #ObamaCare's individual mandate is...

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