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Sen. Jeff Flake (R)

Jeff Flake (R) @JeffFlake

Hugh congrats to Arizona's @Alex_Naddour for an individual bronze medal on the pommel horse https://t.co/kJS0NS2Uus

Jeff Flake (R) @JeffFlake

Still less intimidating than a @michaelstrahan blitz. Thx @ABC @GMA for highlighting push to #EndWildlifeTrafficking https://t.co/fiRJSOiZIO

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Jeff Flake (R) @JeffFlake

These elephants have no respect for a fellow Republican. No respect I tell ya. #Gorongosa #EndWildlifeTrafficking

Jeff Flake (R) @JeffFlake

Do some research on them. See if you can see any fit

Jeff Flake (R) @JeffFlake

There won't be time now before I have to leave

Jeff Flake (R) @FlakeforSenate

RT @mikeparanzino: Arizona: Jeff @FlakeforSenate will immediately become a Senate leader to save our nation from fiscal ruin. We need him. VOTE AND SPREAD WORD

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