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House Rep. Buck McKeon (R)

Buck McKeon (R) @BuckMcKeon

Breaking: #Obamacare individual mandate ruled unconstitutional. More to come...

Buck McKeon (R) @BuckMcKeon

Obama's damaging blow to our military:... http://t.co/uuhGvIDp

Buck McKeon (R) @BuckMcKeon

I am on the House floor getting ready to manage debate on the National Defense Authorization Act Conference... http://t.co/WQtXv1n7

Buck McKeon (R) @BuckMcKeon

Two Important Jobs Bills Supported by Congressman McKeon Finally Head to President for Signature http://t.co/8jvyeuab

Buck McKeon (R) @BuckMcKeon

Breaking: Balanced Budget Amendment defeated in House, 261-165. Very disappointing that Congress cannot vote to... http://t.co/fTGLL3Zt

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