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House Rep. Joe Barton (R)

Joe Barton (R) @RepJoeBarton

I will be live on periscope shortly for a town hall meeting from Kerens. Check it out here shortly. #tx06

Joe Barton (R) @RepJoeBarton

RT @TheDailySun: Vandals hit park — Skate park graffiti unwelcome Under cover of darkness Thursday night, vandals destroyed... https://t.co/SYTWyqf3Xx

Joe Barton (R) @RepJoeBarton

Very sad to hear the news out of Brusells this morning. Praying for all those impacted.

Joe Barton (R) @RepJoeBarton

Thanks to John Paul for stopping by to see me last week on #Texas #Ag @TexasFarmBureau #TX06 https://t.co/rWkwf47oON

Joe Barton (R) @RepJoeBarton

#TBT -Look at these 2 gorgeous bastards! Taken during summer of 1996 in #Ireland...Thanks for finding Jason Kingston! http://t.co/pLDiNJiXct

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