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Sen. Barbara Boxer (D)

Barbara Boxer (D) @BarbaraBoxer

@RealDonaldTrump said he'd release his tax returns when Pres Obama released his birth certificate. Where are they? https://t.co/r8sJmwGsDP

Barbara Boxer (D) @BarbaraBoxer

@RealDonaldTrump – what are you hiding? Are you hiding that your tax rate is lower than the people at your rallies?

Barbara Boxer (D) @BarbaraBoxer

Or that you may have violated IRS rules when you spent $20k of your charity's money on a 6-ft tall self-portrait? https://t.co/Cu49e7sJ9p

Barbara Boxer (D) @BarbaraBoxer

Lily Tomlin's praise of my book #ArtofTough makes me so happy! https://t.co/LtWKaNpWGq

Barbara Boxer (D) @BarbaraBoxer

RT @CNNPolitics: Bernie Sanders on Hillary Clinton: "I don't believe that she is qualified" https://t.co/IYylDjuOLS https://t.co/FyCongjHfW

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D) @SenatorBoxer

Good news: @DeptVetAffairs will now extend traumatic injury benefits to service members who suffer groin injuries. http://t.co/5R57sTiM

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