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Rep. Challenger Amanda Renteria (D)

Amanda Renteria (D) @AmandaRenteria

@EvaLongoria's @latinovictoryus has issued a new ad supporting #TeamRenteria! Thank you for your support! #CA21 http://t.co/VDyCtdAF9A

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Amanda Renteria (D) @AmandaRenteria

Rep David Valadao voted to cut ed, SS and Medicare. Let's see if he answers for this at our debate next week! #CA21 #VoteRenteria

Amanda Renteria (D) @AmandaRenteria

RT @iIllumiinati: If it doesn't challenge you, it probably won't change you.

Amanda Renteria (D) @AmandaRenteria

As I finish another week on my campaign 2 bring opportunity 4 all to the CV, I'd like to wish u a happy & safe weekend, #CA21! #VoteRenteria

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