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David Valadao (R) @dgvaladao

About to go LIVE with @KMPHFOX26 to discuss results from last night in l

David Valadao (R) @dgvaladao

About to discuss New Hampshire primary results LIVE with @KMPHFOX26. #559vote

Dr. Ben Carson (R) @RealBenCarson

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Thanks again to the people of NH for being so welcoming! Looking forward to having the opportunity now to connect with voters in SC & NV.

Ron DeSantis (R) @RonDeSantisFL

At 10am, I am speaking with @Hertiage about my opposition to the Iran Deal. Watch livestream here: https://t.co/r00dUcGd4Y #sayfie #flapol

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Randy Weber (R) @TXRandy14

What does the Supreme Court's emissions regulation freeze mean? via @CSMonitor

Dr. Ben Carson (R) @RealBenCarson

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Read my comprehensive seven step plan to defeat #ISIS, secure our nation security, and protect our homeland: https://t.co/967K8w2cUh

Todd Young (R) @ToddYoungIN

The Democrat Party’s press conference this morning just reenforces the fact that this is a stunt. https://t.co/YcvACujMlO

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Johnny Isakson (R) @SenatorIsakson

I called on Obama admin. for answers on failure to include critical funding #SHEP in the FY2017 budget request. https://t.co/HLqEkM6fnk

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