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Steve Daines (R) @SteveDaines

RT @Varneyco: .@SteveDaines: "Marco Rubio is rising in the polls... He's got the momentum. He's rising in the polls. It's no surprise."

Ron DeSantis (R) @RepDeSantis

Looking forward to discussing the #Iran deal at the @Heritage Foundation tomorrow! Event starts at 10 AM: https://t.co/YjoPsaQbrp.

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John Kasich (R) @JohnKasich

Shout out to Ernie, who's made 10,000 calls for @JohnKasich! #Kasich4Us #fitn https://t.co/zDxEmhkGeV

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Mark Kirk (R) @SenatorKirk

Joined @walgreens @repdold @boticelli @mikenerheim @DEAHQ head of drug diversion to debut take-back program to help prevent drug abuse

Richard Burr (R) @SenatorBurr

Directors of @FBI @CIA @NSA and others testify in my Senate Intel Cmte at 2:30 today on worldwide threats WATCH LIVE https://t.co/f17URuHu0M

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Gov. Robert Bentley (R) @GovernorBentley

This growth is unsustainable. So it's vital that we improve the Medicaid program. That's why we have created the Regional Car Organizations.

Mark Kirk (R) @MarkKirk

.@TammyforIL's foolish comments will not be taken lightly. She can't keep trying to walk back what she said. #ILSEN https://t.co/M95NwBDq86

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Lynn Westmoreland (R) @RepWestmoreland

RT @SpeakerRyan: The White House put a photo of a mountain on the cover of its budget proposal to Congress to symbolize a mountain of

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