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Senator Roy Blunt (R) @RoyBlunt

RT @gslhonorflight: @RoyBlunt please follow us - @gslhonorflight your veteran constituents are in DC today. Please give them a shout out!

Jim Inhofe (R) @jiminhofe

RETWEET if you stand with rural fire departments against the EPA's decision to ban use of military surplus vehicles. http://t.co/a4LbUCM3Eu

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Rep. Andy Barr (R) @RepAndyBarr

RT @HuffPostPol: Grimes hits McConnell with misleading attack ad http://t.co/BumITmasAC

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RepScottPerry (R) @RepScottPerry

Felt good to get back behind the controls of the skid-steer this weekend. http://t.co/PssBqQo9mD

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Rep. Jim Renacci (R) @RepJimRenacci

Thanks for having me MT @MattDavis: Thanks @RepJimRenacci for coming to @CincyChamber to talk #taxreform, #regulations, transpo, & #hcr

Bob Barr (R) @bobbarrcongress

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
On day Israel is attacked, Barry Loudermilk refuses to denounce endorsement from anti-Israel anti-Semitic radical David Barton #gapol #GA11

Larry Hogan (R) @Hogan4Governor

'Hogan: #HobbyLobby case a manufactured political issue in Md. governor's race' http://t.co/2FU59NprNE #mdpolitics

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TimHuelskamp (R) @TimHuelskamp

Congressman Tim Huelskamp endorsed for re-election by the National Rifle Association.... http://t.co/LXig1fJF22

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Cory Gardner (R) @CoryGardner

RT @runningstartDC: Our first male speaker in two days! "Brick walls were made to be blasted through." @CoryGardnerCO #YWPL2014 http://t.co/z3OQHyBsy3

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