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Kevin McCarthy (R) @GOPLeader

RT @HouseGOP: "As of last night, over 352 House-passed bills are sitting in the Senate... 98% of these were passed with bipartisan support." -@GOPWhip

Justin Amash (R) @justinamash

RT @Rare: Will Michigan elect the next Justin Amash? http://t.co/owOSt2g0mU http://t.co/lBlaQZBip9

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Senator Rand Paul (R) @SenRandPaul

RT @CoryBooker: I hate to tell u this Rand but I think we were late pity adds 2 this list of the young & gorgeous MT @SenRandPaul Hill's Most Beautiful List

Rep. Andy Harris, MD (R) @RepAndyHarrisMD

Giving a speech on the House floor on the failures of #Obamacare failures right now.

Terry Branstad (R) @TerryBranstad

Iowa Workforce Development Partners with the City of Cherokee to Support Tyson Workers http://t.co/RJmdxNJp2f #iagov @iowaworkforce

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Kathy Weppner (R) @KWeppner

Guatemala to US: Give us $2 Billion or we'll keep sending our infected poors to your country http://t.co/SdejL4epgr #BorderCrisis #NY26

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Rep. Andy Barr (R) @RepAndyBarr

BREAKING NEWS: Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) signs on to the Karen Tufts Military SAVE Act I am glad that... http://t.co/b9bS1l0Dd9

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Senator Roger Wicker (R) @SenatorWicker

This is a major step toward improving research & treatment for the 100,000 Americans living with muscular dystrophy: http://t.co/DOdMoOis9p

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Evan Jenkins (R) @EvanJenkinsWV

RT @dannowicki: The Senate confirmation vote for Robert McDonald, President Obama's #VA secretary nominee, is going on now.

Evan Jenkins (R) @EvanJenkinsWV

RT @morningmoneyben: Just as a reminder on Russia sanctions, until we/Europe hit gas exports we are really just messing about.

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