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Adam Kinzinger (R) @RepKinzinger

RT @jdigg78: @jaketapper @TulsiGabbard @RepKinzinger whether we like it or nit we have to do something! Jihadist are growing by numbers n influence

Fred Upton (R) @UptonForAllOfUs

@skap5 Enter to win a $200 Amazon gift card by filling out this InsideSources survey: http://t.co/qYm2cJicgH http://t.co/iBDg1mpfLT

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RepScottPerry (R) @RepScottPerry

RT @bterris: "Obviously the bus isn't ready" says a guy walking past as Ready for Hillary staffers crawl under bus try and fix it http://t.co/Ogdr8PM9rb

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Jim Inhofe (R) @jiminhofe

RETWEET and sign the petition if you agree President Obama should not have broken the law. http://t.co/it6C04OvnG http://t.co/Hgy6zdjFur

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Doug Ose (R) @DougOse

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#CA07 voters deserve 5 debates to hear the difference between Congressman Bera's & my vision for a stronger America https://t.co/7oRrDpZUU3

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GeorgeDemos4Congress (R) @Demos4Congress

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Eric Cantor fundraising for my opponent today in Long Island. Say NO to Cantor and RINO Lee Zeldin. #tcot #teaparty

Mark Meadows (R) @RepMarkMeadows

RT @netanyahu: Whoever hoped that the Palestinian unity between Fatah and Hamas would moderate Hamas is mistaken.

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