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Julianne Ortman (R) @JulianneOrtman

We remain a nation of laws no matter how inconvenient for SoS John Kerry. Congress must move to enforce its subpoena! http://t.co/VI0JOJSSpe

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Jackie Walorski (R) @RepWalorski

Exicted to talk to @WIBC_EricBerman and @AttyAbdul on @93wibc in a few minutes to talk about primary election day.

Tim Donnelly (R) @electdonnelly

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ICYMI, @latimes picked up our highlight of Neel Kashkari's submission to Sharia Law when he ran TARP. http://t.co/qIkF7d5cQx

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Senator Russ Fulcher (R) @RussFulcher

#AskButchWhy he didn't attend the candidate forum in Blackfoot yesterday http://t.co/JcoYrrmU7B

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Charles Boustany (R) @RepBoustany

5400-5900 jobs are created with every $1B in exports. In Louisiana, 400k jobs directly r... http://t.co/QUmkFa8spx http://t.co/4ynn4vYJsn

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Patrick Meehan (R) @RepMeehan

Happy Birthday to President Harry #Truman, born today in 1884 http://t.co/z5JLOG34ug

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RepKevinBrady (R) @RepKevinBrady

RT @WSJRadio: Janet Yellen testifies on Capitol Hill today. @GordonDeal and @RepKevinBrady discuss what might be said. http://t.co/vamAeBJIT2 #WSJ Audio

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Rep. Jim Renacci (R) @RepJimRenacci

The short-term tax policy is bad for business, economic growth & jobs

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