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Lynn Jenkins (R) @lynnjenkins

RT @RepDeSantis: Lois Lerner won't talk. #IRS won't disclose her e-mails. What're they trying to hide? RT if you want the truth #PJNET http://t.co/kaJaEMFZyo

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Senator Mike Crapo (R) @MikeCrapo

Taxpayers cannot continue to be on the hook for future losses in our multi-trillion dollar mortgage market.#GSEreform http://t.co/jTxxL0b9Op

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Dean Heller (R) @SenDeanHeller

The @CityOfLasVegas is one step closer to hosting the 2016 @RNC Convention. Congratulations @LV2016 http://t.co/zYlEDH7V6R

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Governor Christie (R) @GovChristie

By providing Narcon to our first responders this can be the first step in saving lives in emergency situations.

Governor Christie (R) @GovChristie

Every minute counts in an emergency overdose situation.

Governor Christie (R) @GovChristie

So having our law enforcement officers and our first responders carry and administer Narcon may mean the difference between life and death.

Bradley Byrne (R) @BradleyByrne

Southwest Alabama should not be forced to pay for Planned Parenthood. #AL01 http://t.co/DmB7rbAeyd

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Jim Inhofe (R) @jiminhofe

RT if you agree it is time to have real solutions to creating jobs in the U.S. #4jobs http://t.co/t0HLFTRei7

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US Rep Rodney Davis (R) @RodneyDavis

Congrats to @McFaddenracing from Champaign & @Illinois_Alma who competed and won in the 2014 #paralympicswintergames

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