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Igor Birman (R) @Igor_Birman

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RT @SalinParah: Breitbart: The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Endorses CA Congressional Candidate Igor Birman http://t.co/Qhiv09nTTe #tcot

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Dave Thompson (R) @ThompsonSenate

Looking forward to a great evening with @MNCRs and then meeting with the folks at CDs 1 and 2 tomorrow!

Michael Burgess, MD (R) @michaelcburgess

Enjoyed hosting @RealBenCarson yesterday for our #HealthCareCaucus round table discussion yesterday. It's always a pleasure, Dr. Carson.

JudgeCarter (R) @JudgeCarter

Photo: Today I demanded answers from Attorney General Eric Holder on the why the 2009 Fort Hood shooting... http://t.co/YpILwKhmH8

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U.S. Rep. Billy Long (R) @USRepLong

RT @reuters: McDonald's closes shop in Crimea | Video http://t.co/hXXcdsQUVK

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Justin Amash (R) @justinamash

I’m proud to be named the top conservative in Michigan by @ACUConservative & every other group that rates Congress. http://t.co/ZFdIIhFuFm

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Marty Seifert (R) @seifertmn

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Thanks to the Minnesota College Republicans for having me speak at your convention tonight! #mngop http://t.co/KZfyd5jP1W

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Tim Griffin (R) @TG4Arkansas

Tell them to send pics

Mike McFadden (R) @MikeForMN

RT @MNCRs: Congrats to @MikeForMN and @seifertmn for winning our straw poll today for US Senate and Governor respectively.

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