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Doug LaMalfa (R) @DougLaMalfa

Ocare's final blaze of http://t.co/dX7zqDjt7q Begins 'Deadline' Day The Way It Started: By Crashing http://t.co/wHcqQGxrNN

Dave Thompson (R) @ThompsonSenate

There is incredible power in numbers . . . the power to replace Governor Dayton! But we must all do our part! http://t.co/zEwSksbRwh

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Thom Tillis (R) @ThomTillis

RT @NathenRamsay115: I support @thomtillis because I helped him make #NC #1 in job losses in the entire country! http://t.co/qHDVJB1W1P #ncsen #ncpol #Moo

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Mark Harris (R) @MarkHarris2014

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
RT @KingJames: Wanna send a HUGE S/O to my former teammate Kevin Ollie and UCONN on advancing to the Elite 8. Keep it going K.O. #StriveForGreatness

Chad Mathis, MD (R) @DrChadMathis

Dr. Chad Mathis: The Mathis Plan: http://t.co/3lIMC5jqfT via @YouTube

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Jeff Fortenberry (R) @JeffFortenberry

RT @FauxPelini: The Cubs are on pace to score zero runs this season and to make many people very sad

Steve Stivers (R) @stevestivers

These cookies being sold @ area Paneras. Proceeds go to @autismspeaks. Proud to show support! #CookieSelfieforAutism http://t.co/sXqb0pA5fj

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Scott Garrett (R) @RepGarrett

"The trouble w/ our Liberal friends isn’t that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so." https://t.co/rGvzMJzf9v

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Scott Honour (R) @ScottHonourMN

April Fools! We must elect Scott Honour, the only Republican or Democrat who'll scrap the MNsure debacle. http://t.co/u5PKsvQtJI

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