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Mike Rogers (MI-08) (R) @RepMikeRogers

Obamacare exchange enrollment estimates a loss of at least 2 million full-time jobs over the next 3 years.

Sen. McConnell Press (R) @McConnellPress

"This is a huge victory for #Kentucky agriculture and our economy." - Sen. McConnell. #Hemp http://t.co/7gpshLn8ZT

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Mike Collins (R) @MikeCollinsGA

Politwoops no longer follows this account.

Sam Brownback (R) @govsambrownback

Riding with Allen who is doing a great job for the people of Kansas keeping their roads clear and safe http://t.co/LXugik46PO

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Dave Reichert (R) @davereichert

Rep. Reichert speaks out to prevent first responders from being left in the lurch by the healthcare law: http://t.co/6M8V7lTFop

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Rep. Todd Rokita (R) @ToddRokita

The CBO estimates ObamaCare will cost 2.3 million jobs by 2021. http://t.co/XudwkT3QOS

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Kristi Noem (R) @KristiNoem

Mouse ran in my office door tonight! Chased him out but trying to keep that from happening again. Suggestions?? http://t.co/D1BOb4LhFJ

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Senator Russ Fulcher (R) @RussFulcher

RT @ChrmnDomG: Congrats to my best friend @RussFulcher on his report of over $250K in fundraising for 1st round in Gov's race! Excited for Nov.! #russ4us

Mike McFadden (R) @MikeForMN

@KatConnolly #merica indeed. Congrats on being named precinct chair.

Heather Grant (R) @HeatherGrantNC

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RT @AppSame: North Carolina there is one person who will stand up for you listen and work with you to rebuild jobs support @heathergrantnc she will win

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