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Evan Jenkins (R) @EvanJenkinsWV

The top 10 races of 2014: No. 6 (VIDEO) http://t.co/3joVLunmnb

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Phil Bryant (R) @PhilBryantMS

The recommendations discussed today are part of an ongoing discussion w/ @pewresearch, #msleg and other stakeholders. #MSPublicSafetyWorks

Curtis Coleman (R) @curtiscoleman

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My father-in-law Carl Rosenbaum, past International Rotary Director, past President, being ignored by http://t.co/L2ZMq8pIVU

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Jody Hice (R) @jodyhice

Make sure you are aware of what all is included in the new budget deal! We could have a tax we didn't expect! http://t.co/KfwTipNiJJ

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Congressman Joe Heck (R) @RepJoeHeck

If you know someone interested in attending a service academy have them visit http://t.co/QBmOI9XYjR #NV03 http://t.co/GzfERoTs86

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Andrew Walter (R) @AndrewWalterCD9

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RT @coachingsearch: Arizona State OC Mike Norvell has indeed interviewed for the head coaching job at Arkansas State, per source. http://t.co/OacqB8TAgp

Sen. Tom Coburn M.D. (R) @TomCoburn

RT @SenRandPaul: $65 million in Sandy emergency relief money was spent on television ads promoting tourism in NJ & NY #wastebook: http://t.co/8UW0QiwA5a

Governor Tom Corbett (R) @GovernorCorbett

RT @The_RGA: .@GovernorCorbett's successful leadership has put Pennsylvania on the right path as an #energy leader for our nation. http://t.co/HqKWYrJEr4

Governor Tom Corbett (R) @GovernorCorbett

RT @The_RGA: TIME: Under @GovernorCorbett, Pennsylvania Rockets To Fastest-Growing Natural Gas State: http://t.co/HqKWYrJEr4 #JOBS

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JudgeCarter (R) @JudgeCarter

Do you think this drafting error could be the straw that brakes the camel's back? #Obamacare #WhatsNext http://t.co/BxnIfUSyvW

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