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Sure, we all tweet things we don't men mean to share, but now politicians have no way to hide them. Discover tweets that your politicians shared and then deleted.

To meet the Twitter API Terms of Service, all deleted tweets shown here since June 22, 2012 have been reviewed and approved by the Sunlight Foundation.

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Rep. Chris Smith (R) @RepChrisSmith

Rep. Smith, Bay Head Mayor Curtis & Council Pres. DeFilippis survey the ongoing work for the reconstruction of Rt 35 http://t.co/uwtr39b3UO

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Rep. Bill Huizenga (R) @RepHuizenga

RT @BillSimmons: Lions have hired and fired 12 head coaches since 1965 (not including Schwartz). None of the 12 ever got another head coaching job.

Bill Flores (R) @Flores4Congress

Human tracking victimizes millions around the world. We are working to bring attention to this issue and address this horrendous crime.

Curtis Coleman (R) @curtiscoleman

Merry Christmas from Curtis and Kathryn Coleman: http://t.co/yZd9dVWnbY

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Mike Collins (R) @MikeCollinsGA

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Best wishes for the new year

Mike Collins (R) @MikeCollinsGA

Merry Christmas to you and yours on this blessed morning. I pray God's blessings over you for the new year.

Governor Christie (R) @GovChristie

.@bonjovi, Prince Harry and @Shaq are on some of our favorite front pages from 2013. #OurNJ http://t.co/nXa2dRI3Sc

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Richard Cash (R) @cash4senate

@David__Jonas Economic growth is important, but what start-up businesses have YOU run that have 17+ Trillion in debt? -- Team Cash

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Richard Cash (R) @cash4senate

@David__Jonas Wow...you once worked at a start up and now you think you''re an economist? Bless your heart. -- Team Cash .

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