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An archive of the public statements deleted by U.S. politicians. Explore the tweets they would prefer you couldn't see.

To meet the Twitter API Terms of Service, all deleted tweets shown here since June 22, 2012 have been reviewed and approved by the Sunlight Foundation.

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Mike Collins (R) @MikeCollinsGA

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For my down time at EVOC, i am starting the series "Arrow"

Rep. Lee Terry (R) @LEETERRYNE

@Wade_in_America I'm an original co-sponsor and write the language .

Rep. Lee Terry (R) @LEETERRYNE

I commit to advance and protect data-driven #marketing with @DMA_USA. Learn more http://t.co/lWnHbw0fkW. #ddmi #DMAPledge

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Chris Balkema (R) @chrisbalkema

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I couldn't get the video to play inside the IR website / article.

Sen. McConnell Press (R) @McConnellPress

Please delete me from your text list. Thanks.

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R) @RepJeffDuncan

"If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it." Pres Obama #Benghazi

Vance McAllister (R) @VanceMcAllister

THANK YOU for your continued support as we head for the run-off election on November 16th. I ask that you share... http://t.co/L7rXIgbUqX

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Rep. Bob Gibbs (R) @RepBobGibbs

On my way to speak at the American Energy Jobs Rally on the West Front of the Capitol #coal #jobs #ohio7 http://t.co/w1usSST1Ny

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Sam Brownback (R) @govsambrownback

Learning about new oil drilling technology 800 ft below the surface in Fredonia, KS. Fascinating! http://t.co/zBJsoFRYGl

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