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Senator Pat Toomey (R) @SenToomey

Eric Holder accused of forcing blacks into failing schools for diversity - Washington Times: http://t.co/2Xs51Z6vXu via @washtimes

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Steve Chabot (R) @RepSteveChabot

@Joestokes06 I wish there was a "favorite+" option on twitter. Good times.

Steve Chabot (R) @RepSteveChabot

ICYMI: "Cincinnati's #startup scene is experiencing a renaissance. These people have been there since the beginning" http://t.co/8ghG4wfgG9

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Mike Collins (R) @MikeCollinsGA

Start EVOC next week. This weekend is filled with motorcycle and smores with buds.

Kirk Jorgensen (R) @kirkjorgensen52

10 Senate Democrats sign Shaheen letter pushing for open enrollment extension http://t.co/xA61D9U7jY

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Chris Balkema (R) @chrisbalkema

Developing Nation, Botswana, on more solid financial ground than Illinois http://t.co/QLpehxdA0g

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Bruce Westerman (R) @WestermanAR

Commence the stew. @ KRJ's Apartment - Block 2 W204 http://t.co/cc8bXi9E8J

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Dave Joyce (R) @DaveJoyceOH14

Enjoyed attending the @LakeHealth annual event this weekend to help raise awareness for comprehensive health services in #LakeCounty.

Cuccinelli Press (R) @CuccinelliPress

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
RT @DannyLopezDiaz: CNN: “Kim Winn Came 2 Event Solely 2 See Clinton. Asked If She Planned 2 Vote 4 Terry, Grimaced & Shook Head”: http://b

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