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Will Hurd (R) @WillHurd

I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/R6ZAIHz6PG

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Randy Weber (R) @TXRandy14

Washington needs leadership. Should Ryan Zinke run for Congress? Sound off in the comments below!

Randy Weber (R) @TXRandy14

Do you think the President and Senator Reid should come to the table to negotiate? LIKE and SHARE if you agree!

Randy Weber (R) @TXRandy14

quick test. 1234

Rep. Michael Grimm (R) @repmichaelgrimm

Great to talk to Ms. Alfano from SI. My office has received many calls on . Returning a few calls. http://t.co/yaWTTpJdjq

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Randy Weber (R) @TXRandy14

One more test. 1234

Mac Thornberry (R) @MacTXPress

Thornberry alerts residents to be on guard for Obamacare scams

Rep. Jack Kingston (R) @JackKingston

I'll be on @nbcnightlynews with Brian Williams TONIGHT at 6:30pm discussing the shutdown and government spending. http://t.co/FAC9Fn1Lgs

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Sean Duffy (R) @RepSeanDuffy

The National Parks aren't all closed: see the twitter feed @VisitNPS to see which ones the aren't political enough to get closed.

Randy Weber (R) @WeberforTexas

RT @TXRandy14: Galveston Daily News article is up read it here http://t.co/PYEd0ovWKk or here http://t.co/ySuyWfUfzK #tx14

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