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Rep Rick Crawford (R) @RepRickCrawford

RT @chucktodd: GOP House Whip McCarthy hints House has one more CR w/health care provisions in them. Also, a clean very short term CR not ruled out either

Rep. Jack Kingston (R) @JackKingston

We're working this wknd to prevent a gov't shutdown but we must ensure our troops & their families are cared for http://t.co/hVl0wfrpH7

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Ann Wagner (R) @RepAnnWagner

@jdavidsonlawyer I find your tweets just as delusional as your made up quotes. You seem like a very angry person and I hope you get help

Nancy Mace (R) @nancymace

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
We are in the last day of the #MaceMoneyBomb and have until midnight tonight to send a message to Lindsey Graham.... http://t.co/DKX3woUnSg

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Kenny Marchant (R) @RepKenMarchant

Co-signed a letter to @SpeakerBoehner urging him not to take any House immigration bill to conference w/ Senate. Read http://t.co/nU74bliyez

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Tom Price (R) @RepTomPrice

You can both be right! http://t.co/oK2SX2cYGh RT @LizMair: @mattklewis Filthy CR sounds like the best, though.

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Ron DeSantis (R) @RepDeSantis

Glad that DeSantis/Vitter amendment to block congressional #ObamaCare subsidies will be included in the CR. #tcot

Dan Bongino (R) @dbongino

Join Dan Bongino and Ken Cuccinlli in Fairfax #bongino2014 http://t.co/TQSfgVh5pG

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Randy Weber (R) @WeberforTexas

In the event of a government shutdown, I have requested that my salary be withheld for the duration. #fairnessforall http://t.co/lUArbosMzO

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