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Rep. Cory Gardner (R) @SenCoryGardner

RT @schencra: @repcorygardner up over 100% for a similar family plan. Our is discontinued too.

Randy Weber (R) @WeberforTexas

Weber: Five years later and still no pipeline http://t.co/cXqF6GsUZn

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Mac Thornberry (R) @MacTXPress

House Passes First Major Food Stamp Reforms Since 1996

Nan Hayworth (R) @NanHayworth

Please check out my op-ed in LoHud about health care and Washington's shutdown showdown and be sure to LIKE and... http://t.co/05wuRirU0e

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Aaron Schock (R) @RepAaronSchock

RT @HianTech: Hian Technologies is on Google+. Follow us on https://t.co/mweQntpMgQ

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Doug LaMalfa (R) @DougLaMalfa

Support the free-market replacement to the impending Obamacare nightnare--The American Health Care Reform Act (RSC) http://t.co/JlFWQ47tgn

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Nancy Mace (R) @nancymace

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
RT @morgan_tea: Support the @DavidVitter amendment, no #Obamacare exemption for Congress.

Senator Mike Crapo (R) @MikeCrapo

And I would also like to point out that iTunes radio is awesome. #IOS7

Rep. Todd Rokita (R) @ToddRokita

Visited by @AmericanBakers this week. Over 12,000 Hoosiers work in the baking industry. http://t.co/KnQ0yVxrjq

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