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JudgeCarter (R) @JudgeCarter

Congratulations to Johnny Billingsley for winning my facebook photo contest. As many of you may know, Georgetown... http://t.co/xpId12WIii

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Mike Fitzpatrick (R) @RepFitzpatrick

.@SEPTA will be updating their #WestTrentonLine thanks to some new federal funds. Leader more: http://t.co/xZfh98SJN4

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Todd Young (R) @ToddYoungIN

RT @DrLarryBucshon: In Indiana, health insurance premiums could rise by as much as 72% because of #Obamacare http://t.co/ngzPuK6Bcg

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Ron Meyer (R) @Ron4VA

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#WhoSetObamasRedLine -> Same guy who defined "is" for Bill Clinton. #Syria

Todd Young (R) @ToddYoungIN

Steep increases in Indiana MT @GOP: ObamaCare is causing premuim hikes for Americans across the country! http://t.co/giZM8EyXsm #Obamacosts

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Billy Long (R) @auctnr1

RT @JoplinGlobe: President Barack Obama will deliver a pre-recorded message to the people of Joplin and Moore, Okla. http://t.co/tDKXzOtlPG

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Mike Rogers (R) @RepMikeRogersAL

Today's #TBT is me meeting with the 4 H in my DC office in June of 2009.

Frank LoBiondo (R) @RepLoBiondo

RT @pkcapitol: LoBiondo is a "no" if he had to vote today. Has "great problems" w/ #Syria plan. @TulsiGabbard is undecided but most of her voters opposed.

Paul Broun (R) @RepPaulBrounMD

I invite everyone to join me for this Twitter Town Hall

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