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Governor Christie (R) @GovChristie

RT @chasfjr: @GovChristie You promise my family a hospitable welcome even if we live in Boston and vaca at Jersey Shore?

Cong. Tim Huelskamp (R) @CongHuelskamp

Chris Battle, Former Hill and Administration Staffer, Dies at 45 : Roll Call Hill Life http://t.co/bTa37c5d3v

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Frank D. Lucas (R) @FrankDLucas

SEVEN TIMES MORE part time jobs created than full time under Obama. RT if you think Obama could spend less time on golf & more on the econ!

Senator Rubio Press (R) @SenRubioPress

RT @marcorubio: Great reaction 2day in Jacksonville to our effort to defund #Obamacare. Sign the petition at http://t.co/b5BScsnndl. http://t.co/kYDE3bIFC6

Mike Fitzpatrick (R) @RepFitzpatrick

@YoungCons #LiberalLogic One man's treasure should be other men's treasure

Brian Sandoval (R) @BrianSandoval

RT y Apoya al Gobernador @BrianSandoval para una mejor educación en Nevada! http://t.co/i79RBwZjnX

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Andrew Walter (R) @AndrewWalterCD9

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@DougHaller: Former ASU star Mike Haynes taking in practice. He addressed team last night. #asutop50 http://t.co/jwtCT9fKDa

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Nancy Mace (R) @nancymace

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I am traveling today to Rock Hill, NC to speak at the GPS Conservatives for Action PAC meeting tonight from 6-8pm... http://t.co/xWvk1Y7YQB

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Rep. Bill Flores (R) @RepBillFlores

Congratulations to the @CityofBryan for being named Top City for Job Seekers in Texas! http://t.co/gN3WifwdR1

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