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To meet the Twitter API Terms of Service, all deleted tweets shown here since June 22, 2012 have been reviewed and approved by the Sunlight Foundation.

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Gov. Dennis Daugaard (R) @SDGovDaugaard

RT @ArgusMontgomery: It's moments like these when we should all think back on the bravery of George Washington.

John Kasich (R) @JohnKasich

At last count, 30 statements of support from biz/local leaders, from north to south, for Gov. Kasich's TRAC plan. http://t.co/JFSI5QTjSR

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Jim Inhofe (R) @jiminhofe

"Inhofe Wows Muskogee Crowd with Aerial Acrobatics." http://t.co/Fjph3t5la3 RT! #oksen #okgop

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David B. McKinley (R) @RepMcKinley

5% in 2005 vs. 7.6% unemployment in 2013. It's a tale of two trips http://t.co/nWo8zdmRN8 http://t.co/RwkdC8tGIP

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Rep. Ed Whitfield (R) @RepEdWhitfield

RT @SenatorClements: I am extremely proud of the Hon. @RepEdWhitfield for continuing to fight to keep the Job Corps Center open in Morganfield that bears my name

Tom Reed (R) @TomReedCongress

Friends, I wanted to make sure last week's Ithaca Journal article about my opponent's irresponsible spending as... http://t.co/y6xXcz0YnS

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Bill Johnson (R) @RepBillJohnson

#EnergyIndependence - how would it affect you, and how do we get there?WATCH: http://t.co/YuqQOwEWNw | #Energy2020 #energy

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Ken Cuccinelli (R) @KenCuccinelli

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
Yesterday, I visited with Minuteman Printing & discussed with its owners their concerns: http://t.co/B1HXJgxo1x #VAGhttp://t.co/GrJEEKYtVj

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Rep. Roger Williams (R) @RepRWilliams

RT @Transport: In case you missed it ---> Check out this morning's hearing on the Highway Trust Fund: http://t.co/aijgk41rLH #highway #HTF

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Rep. Lee Terry (R) @LEETERRYNE

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
Pleased my amendment to support @DeptofDefense employees by cutting waste, fraud and abuse in #Afghanistan passed the House. #furloughs #DOD

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On June 3, 2015, the Sunlight Foundation received word from Twitter that it was pulling the plug on Politwoops, reversing an agreement made in 2012 that allowed us to run the project using its API. The last deletions we have archived are from May 15, 2015. Please read our 'Eulogy for Politwoops' for more detail.

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