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Sure, we all tweet things we don't men mean to share, but now politicians have no way to hide them. Discover tweets that your politicians shared and then deleted.

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David B. McKinley (R) @RepMcKinley

In honor of WV's 150th, the National Archives has posted a page. tp://www.archives.gov/legislative/features/west-virginia/index.html

Darrell Issa (R) @DarrellIssa

ReTweet if you trust the President to lead on #Jobs. Favorite if you don't. #PJNet

Rep. Andy Barr (R) @RepAndyBarr

I'm about to join @wycofm to talk ab the Valley View Ferry & other issues like coal & my staff office hours-tune in! http://t.co/Zy8NkYuqFE

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David B. McKinley (R) @RepMcKinley

President Obama’s plan to announce a series of new taxes and EPA regulations to combat climate change was reveled. http://t.co/MNoSaZo0YX

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Rep. Renee Ellmers (R) @RepReneeEllmers

Did you know that #Coal is responsible for more than 760,000 #jobs? http://t.co/td2o7EOzIm #AffordableEnergy #4jobs

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Cuccinelli Press (R) @CuccinelliPress

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
WV Democrat Senator Slams Obama-McAuliffe war on coal: http://t.co/s13pGNA8PD #VAGov #waronvacoaljobs

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John Boehner (R) @johnboehner

Coal is responsible for 760,000 U.S. jobs http://t.co/FEN5W4pV6c // White House advisor says a war on them is “exactly what is needed”

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Rep. Roger Williams (R) @RepRWilliams

IRS credit cards used for wine, pornography, IG report says http://t.co/I4X9eOhErI via @foxnewspolitics

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Steve Chabot (R) @RepSteveChabot

Thanks to @CincyChamber for hosting me and a good talk on how federal legislation is affecting Cincinnati businesses. http://t.co/yWSI97cdHl

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